Monday, March 17, 2008

New hope?

Sorry for the hiatus, caused by bad health rather than a dearth of events.
First things first:
This morning, rector Nikolai Vakhtin spoke with Valentina Matvienko, the governor of St Petersburg. He was advised that the fire inspectors are apparently prepared to issue a positive verdict at a new court hearing to be held next week, after which the university is likely to be re-opened. It is hard to know what to make of this announcement after so many inconclusive promises by lower-level civil servants, but it does mean that all may not be lost. An earlier public meeting with the city's top education official, Nikolai Viktorov, was remarkable only by its lack of substance.

Last week, an offer of teaching facilities by yet another organization was revoked after a few days, meaning that the European University does not have the space it needs to receive a temporary license. Meanwhile, the Street University initiated by students and some faculty is becoming a regular event: the next open-air teach-in will be held on March 23.

In other news, a demonstration in support of the European University had been scheduled to be held on Sakharov Square on March 15. It was banned by the authorities because the pro-Kremlin Russian Youth Union had allegedly declared its intention to hold a concert there on the same day. Not surprisingly, the square was completely empty on that day: the Russian Youth Union probably decided to make it a virtual concert...


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